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Disclaimer: A Notary Public is not an Attorney at Law and it is illegal for a Notary to give any form of Legal Advice.



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Common Notary Questions

What is a notary?
A notary is an official witness to the free and willing signing of one or more documents by one or more people whose identity the notary has verified. A notary public is an official of integrity appointed by state government--typically by the secretary of state.

What are your fees?
$10.00 per document (no limit on number of documents)
$40.00 mobile fee

What types of documents can you notarize?
Please click here for a list of documents we will notarize.  

What types of identification do you accept?
Must be a government-issued non-expired id card, including drivers licenses and passports.  For underage signers, we can work with a school id.

**All signers must appear in person.**

Are appointments required?
No.  However, they are recommended.  We are a mobile only service,

Can a notary prepare legal documents?
No. A Notary Public may not prepare, select, or give advice concerning legal documents.

Does your notary service issue apostilles?
No.  Written requests must me made to the appropriate office of the Secretary of State.

Can you notarize a document in a language other than English?
No.  A notary must be able to at least understand what the document is, and must be able to tell if it is completely filled out.  

What payment types do you accept?
We accept cash and all major credit cards.  We do not accept personal checks.

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